Hello world!

Hi! This is my very first blog post and it has been a long time coming – MA in Creative and Critical Writing not going to waste 🙂 Anyway, I thought that it was about time and it is a means of controlling my own destiny as work things sometimes seem unfair. At least here I can write whatever I like and if someone likes it then great but if not fair enough. At least this will be a showcase for my writing and though I don’t have my own column in a magazine (yet), I do now have a blog – so yay!

My friends always say that after we meet up they feel like we have set the world to rights, so I guess that that is what I would like this blog to be.

A short note before I go to bed. I woke up only to realise that I have two alarm clocks in my room which made me feel like I am in Back to the Future. Hovering skateboards anyone? 🙂 Good Night.


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