Romantic speeches.

Two of the best romantic lines ever – from The Legend of Zorro – after some swashbuckling the reunited couple are trying to outwit some baddies,

Elena (to Zorro/Alejandro): ‘Follow me’.

Zorro/Alejandro (in response): ‘Always’.

Cue tissues 🙂

Another amazing romantic speech that I think was slightly overlooked, from the show ‘Miranda’ – Miranda’s speech that she has prepared to finally tell Gary that she loves him, and then you realise she is still preparing to tell him and actually doesn’t get to tell him that time how she actually feels – last episode of the first series. The writing is impeccable and moving and honest and deserved much more recognition than it actually got. So yeah ‘underrated’ romantic speech, definitely. At least they got together in the end, (and then broke up – oh dear 🙂


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