The road less travelled.

The road less travelled can be a lonely and difficult place. You tried the 9 to 5 and it wasn’t right. You’ve explored different careers to see what you like and yet something still doesn’t feel right. So what is the correct career path for you?

I think that the easiest way to figure this out is perhaps to remember back to when you were a child and what you enjoyed doing then, and I’m not talking about playing with marbles although I’m sure you could form some kind of work activity related to winning marble games 🙂

I mean did you enjoy building things, playing with Lego, drawing, deciding what your Barbies (or kens, or action men) would wear? I believe that looking into what you enjoyed as a child will help you find the career path that will bring you the most joy.

Once you start nurturing this side of you so many other aspects of your life will fall into place. And soon you will be enjoying your ‘work’ as much as you do your play, and in fact your work will also be play too.


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