Employers and power trips

Hi, so I just thought that I would write something about power hungry employers that mistreat their employees with the knowledge that the employee needs the work to pay for rent or bills and so would find it difficult to complain about employer behaviour. A lot of employers, who firstly are often power hungry weald this power, or what they believe to be power over their employees who they believe should just put up and shut up.

This happens so often that when I hear about various individuals who feel mistreated at work I actually feel a bit vomitty because I know that it happens so often and I have heard so many friends talk about this sort of thing. It appears to be so prevalent in today’s British society, and I do wonder what the solution is? I suppose standing up for yourself is the first step and calling a power-hungry employer out when they try to misuse their believed authority, because let’s face it the ‘authority’ that they have over their employees isn’t really real. We buy into it, and out of respect we listen to our employers and try and do the best we can to please them and be successful, but they are by no means above us or better than us.

In fact, the opposite is probably true, in that an employee’s behaviour is much more respectful and good than most employers so I ask who is actually in reality ‘above’ whom?

Now obviously not all employers mistreat their staff and expect them to work too hard and for too many hours without much reward, but these individuals are few and far between.

I guess in the end it comes down to self-respect and whether you can put up with being criticised unfairly or told to work late without extra pay or even possibly bullied. It needs to stop because at work there is no one to turn to, no one to tell that you are being bullied. It’s not like school, where at least if you want you can tell someone. At work, you are quite alone, but I don’t want to sound bleak. As an adult you can talk to your friends and perhaps even find out about employee rights, but I think in the end there will come a time where you simply have to say enough is enough and stand up for yourself. Because let’s face it you deserve better – much much better.

And when that day comes, you will find that standing up to the bully took away their ‘power’ and handed ‘power’ to you. So well done!

And in the end isn’t life about happiness? Once you stand up for yourself, it becomes easier the second time around, and easier still after that, and you realise that it was not so difficult after all, and at last you have freed yourself. Because no matter what happens – whether your employer gains respect for you, or you decide to leave and do something you really want to do, you feel better inside for saying ‘no’. And so you have begun a mass revolution, at least in your own life.


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