Misogyny undercurrents.

Lately it seems that some guys are attacking or belittling women not in overt obvious ways but with snide remarks that mock their likes and beliefs. It got me thinking that in this day and age where misogyny is deemed unacceptable are there alternative routes for the dislike of women.

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this but some guys, who perhaps resent the progress that women have made both in the working world and at home, try to undermine women and their confidence by deriding their opinions with snippy comments or mocking laughter.

Perhaps these are the same type of guy who years ago would have stopped women having their say, tried to halt their career progress, and would have expected women to remain at home and cook/clean.

Do we really live in an equal society if so many men resent women for being ‘equal’? I suppose the question, for women, is do we really care? Me, personally no not really, unless it does actually affect a woman and her confidence or personality. I guess for women, the main thing is to be aware that misogyny has not completely disappeared and it may rear its ugly head every so often, and if it upsets you to stand up and defend yourself. These are the small steps we can make to eradicate it as best we can and try and show those with old-fashioned views that it’s time to wake up!


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