Burps that follow me!?!!!

So I just thought that I’d write a quick blog about these burps that keep following me. Can someone stop them please! Haha!

When I was a little’un I used to get burped on all the time – it was a running joke in my family. Even the camels joined in when we went to Egypt, and let me tell you those things are smelleeeeeeeeee man. And so it continues, every so often I receive a burp from someone as one might receive a hug 🙂

Today it was a man in a shop, who not only burped but blew his burp towards me, so yes many thanks to him for sending me in another direction. There seems to be some philosophical angle to this, but no I think I’ll just leave the burpers as they are and not try to see them as wise burpers blowing wisdom towards me as I try and escape through the nearest exit.

So anyway, perhaps this will lead me to become a burp expert one day, and I will make my millions through burping knowledge and aroma haha. In the meantime, I look forward to any new wafts as a child might look forward to Christmas! 🙂

Happy burping everyone!



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