Monday musings.

There is no particular topic for today, I am just going to do stream of consciousness and see what comes out. This is always a useful tool for writers. I’m following a kindness blog now. It would be wonderful if this somehow brings more kindness from others into my life. Fingers crossed. The kindness of strangers often brings a tear to my eye. I might be sitting in a train station or looking out of the window of a bus, and someone will randomly talk to me and tell me a little about their lives. I share some information too, and in this way two strangers become two friends, and not just for that brief moment but for life, as I’m sure one day I will remember this lady and this encounter and I will smile because I remember that there are good folk in the world. Stop. Take a breath. Exhale. Relax. Let time go slowly – let happy memories fill you with bliss! Oh to be happy again!

Have a wonderful day!


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