How children remind you how wonderful you actually are.

We went for a yummy lunch today and we were happily playing with this child that was just so friendly and sweet, and as we left he was actually upset to see us go, and was calling us back. Later on, as we were sitting on a bench two crying children went past. The first was walking crying and crying and rubbing his eyes and then as he stood near us he looked towards us and stopped crying for a bit, as if to have reached a moment of peace or solace, and as he walked forward re-commenced crying as before. Similarly, another child, a girl this time, was wailing in her pram, and as the mum pushed the pram past us the girl looked over again finding a moment’s happiness at seeing some friendly faces, and then as with the other toddler as she was pushed past us she began to wail again. Oh what a joyful thing to stop a child from crying! 🙂

Have a good day! 🙂



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