Ego vs the Self

I’m sure you’ve all heard these two terms used in contrast with each other. Ego in contrast with the Self. Well recently it has becomes apparent just how many individuals out there are ruled by their egos and not their true selves. It happens so often where someone cannot admit to being wrong simply because their ego will not let them, or where someone is unnecessarily cruel whilst abusing the power that they have often displayed by employers mistreating employees. What is this thing that makes someone become so big-headed simply because they hold a more powerful stance than someone else.

Sure most humans are not as barbaric as they were in eras gone-by, but there is an essence of barbarism in contemporary society whereby someone who can abuse their power will. I’ve had conversations with others about the phrase ‘do unto others as you would have done unto you’, and it seems that children are not really being taught this in school anymore. And I think that it is really important that they are, because if barbarism still exists now in civilised society, the possibility of an elevation in barbarism is extremely plausible because this old adage is going out of use.


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