The ‘More Women in Power Party’!

So, as I am sure many of you are too, I am completely disillusioned with the leading political parties, not to mention the leading political figures!

There is so much ingenuousness that it remains so difficult to trust anything most politicians have to say. In fact, one leading politician, without naming any names, contradicts himself in one speech. At first he says one thing, and then completely does a U-turn and says the opposite. Do politicians think that we are idiots? It is so very insulting to our intelligence to be told there isn’t any money for pensions or some such thing at the beginning of a speech, and then to be told ‘we have 1 billion to spend’ on something completely and utterly pointless.

And yet still so many individuals vote for the same political parties whose politicians have no clue about everyday working folk or their lives and yet have been given the power to make decisions for us.

We let policies we don’t agree with be put in place, when if in actuality we lived in a democratic society in the true sense of the word there would be regular referendums to decide whether to spend such and such on the military that a lot of citizens do not agree with.

Twenty-somethings are even more disillusioned with politics and refuse to vote, some of them even female, which is a disaster in terms of the women’s movement, but they simply do not connect with any of the parties currently available.

So, I am asking, if anyone is interested and wants to begin a political party that has integrity, that tells the truth, that doesn’t try and fool voters, that isn’t ingenuous and only tries to address important issues before an election, that truly wants to help regular folk, and make things better then let’s start one!

The ‘More Women in Power Party’ (the name can be changed – any suggestions welcome), intends to do just that – place more women in powerful stances so that both the patriarchal and matriarchal work together and are more equal. I hear so often the opinion that if more women were in power the world would be a better place. Perhaps it is now time.


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