A way for women to gain strength and confidence

In order to acknowledge cultural relativism, I am not naming any cultures in particular in reference to this article. Many women who come from cultures where there is a lot of oppression against females must struggle to find ways to be strong and oppose this oppression without being killed in the process.

One way that men have historically gained unwarranted power over women has been because of their physical strength. Their natural strength has been used to instill fear in women and make them abide by patriarchal rules or the oppressive rules of a male-dominated dictatorial regime.

In response to this, I would advise these women to begin to learn some form of martial arts. Not only does martial arts provide women with self-defence skills, it also provides the confidence to stand up for what you believe in and walk tall in the world. In this way, women from oppressive cultures can reduce the level of fear being imposed upon them as the male oppressors will be stripped of the physical power they weald to create fear in women and make them follow male-centric rules.


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