Airbrushing, female celebrities, and the myth that is fooling women of all ages

I’m not sure whether you have seen the images that were revealed today which underlined a very important point about celebrity culture and the machine that aims to sell various products using fake airbrushed photos of female celebrities by portraying them as severely more youthful than they actually are.

The revelation does not really bring with it any kind of humiliation for the unwitting singers and models, but rather emphasises the fact that the media places unrealistic self-expectation in the minds of regular women.

The un-airbrushed, natural images that show lines and pimples are a breath of fresh air that not only legitimises natural women who opt-out of botox and fillers, but also actually celebrates these female celebrities as they really are.

It is surely about time that women were shown with lines, pimples, and furrowed brows as these gorgeous natural-looking REAL women actually appear much more attractive with these human markers of time or environment.

The airbrushing controversy has been around for years, but now that the mask of cruel criticism towards natural female features has been unveiled, perhaps it is time to be kinder to our natural selves and love the skin we live in.


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