Isn’t it time to celebrate Afro-Caribbeans and Asians in the UK and USA?

I grew up in the 1980s in the UK. I am  British Asian so it wasn’t the easiest of childhoods. Don’t get me wrong, there were loads of good times and I had a lot of friends at primary school, but many of these same ‘friends’ used to call me Paki, or black Paki, or even the N word. We laugh at these things now, because firstly these were supposed to be my friends so it is kind of amusing that it was my own friends calling me these things, but also because I don’t know, as an Asian, I guess you kind of have to. It’s how you don’t let it get to you. I had to grow up quickly not because of these names but more because girls would be mean and leave me out, but that’s another story.

I also remember my mum having to defend herself and us when ignorant racists called out offensive remarks from their vehicles – yes, you know, the cowards who aren’t even brave enough to say it to your face – and we were only little girls and my mum, a young woman having to face this type of prejudice in front of her young children. They weren’t only women either, white men would often make racist comments, and my mum, brave lady that she is, would never let them get away with it.

As an adult female, I also stand up for myself. It isn’t so necessary in the 21st century, as racism is swept under the carpet, or simmering under the surface rather than very overt. You get the odd idiot here and there, but then, you get the odd idiot in lots of Western societies. What I have noticed, as have others of similar age, is that the new influx of Eastern Europeans has brought with it a renewed air of racist contempt, which is actually much more annoying than racism from the white English, considering we have been here much longer, and in fact, most of us were born here! But there you go. I wonder whether ignorant racists actually think about how stupid racism really is, considering most individuals are immigrants – white Americans are mostly immigrants from the UK or Ireland or other areas of Europe, and white English are mostly from Norway or other Nordic countries or again of Celtic origin, and most of these will be mixed race anyway. No one is of ‘pure blood’. This is simply a myth. So how stupid is racism, and how hypocritical is racism considering no one is ‘pure blood’?

In addition, I think that it is about time that the Afro-Caribbean and Asian immigrants of the 1970s influx and after, should be celebrated, thanked, appreciated, and championed. Do the racist white English really want the doctors, nurses, engineers, accountants, actors, athletes, musicians, cooks, and those from other well-loved professions to return to their own countries? Shall we take our stolen wealth with us as well, and stop the white English or Americans from trading with us. I’m sorry, but if we all did that we’d be calling England and America ‘third-world’ countries whilst we sip drinks from the gilded jeweled goblets that were stolen from us whilst wearing our various crowns and necklaces that will weigh us down from all the money held within them.

I’m sick and tired of getting snide looks from Eastern Europeans or ignorant racist English, who still blame us for there being ‘too many immigrants’ even though most of us came in the 1970s(!), and were a small proportion of the population by contrast to the massive influx of Eastern Europeans that is continuous and irresponsible of the Prime Minister because of the fact that the UK is a tiny island with limited resources, and for that reason only, but then I think that he never heard the term ‘prevention is better than cure’ but there you go. I guess it doesn’t really affect him or others in his party, and that’s why he continues to make ludicrous decisions about a country he seems to have little regard for. The current issue isn’t really about whether the UK should remain in the European union. It’s a question of simply being more sensible about immigration numbers – and that’s it. But then at least thankfully we have some other political parties who try to be heard but are quashed somehow by the machine of UK politics and the media that delivers information to the masses. I’m looking forward to seeing what the Women’s Equality Party will be providing. It seems there is a shift in politics – it just seems to be taking too long, and the reason for this is media promotion to the citizens, but here I am digressing slightly.

What I would say to finish this article, is that Afro-Caribbeans and Asians should hold their heads up and be proud of what they have added to UK culture, economy, and society, and the same should be said for those in America, of course including African-Americans, even if the majority of white English or white American (immigrants!) cannot see this!


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