Talent and intelligence should win over attention-seeking and idiocy

In the age of ‘Look at me’ and idiocy, the internet, social media, and television have given voice to those who in the past, before the age of technology, would not have had a platform for their acts of stupidity. This goes for not only those in suburban gutters but also for those who are at the very forefront of news and celebrity lifestyle.

In an age where a racist, sexist, bigoted liar can even be considered as a presidential candidate in the USA, a country that has fought for years against out-moded beliefs and prejudices, the battle against Hitler and the Nazis suddenly doesn’t seem so far in history anymore.

There are of course those trying to do good in the world, but are they really being listened to enough. The ‘Look at mes’ and the idiots appear to be distracting most regular individuals from proper cultural achievements and often from what is right.

The elections come and go. News reports concentrate on the current affairs and stories that sometimes avoid the real problems facing society, and much of it is repetitive and misery-causing. Eventualities that could have been prevented months or even years in advance are allowed to take place, and then the masses complain after the event. Those in power, at least in the UK, don’t have any realistic idea about what is truly occurring in the over-populated cramped cities, and I doubt they really care, as it doesn’t affect them hugely.

So who can we turn to, when these unfair pursuits and schemes carry on in the world that we live in. In the UK, it is important to broaden who is getting voted for, and it is wholly necessary to look into what some of the other parties stand for. Now, even amongst the other parties, there are those who will try and use the mistakes of current and former governments to mislead you into a false sense of security, but they are much much worse in truth.

In the USA, this is also how someone so ignorant is getting any airtime at all. When something isn’t working the ‘Look at mes’ and idiots try to cheat their way into power by supposedly underling the flaws of others. It is also interesting how an ‘extremist’ in the true sense of the word seems to be relating to so many Americans , most of whom are as racist as he, and how he ‘terrorizes’ those who disagree with him by asserting that if he came to be President he would deport them. So it really is a significant time with regards to politics, as it seems that many Americans would see the USA returning to a place of racism and unfounded prejudice. It cannot be allowed to happen. It simply cannot. There has already been one Hitler, and that was not that long ago. For those who gave their lives fighting for a free world and human rights, it is so crucial that the following President of the USA moves towards an even more liberal society, as this is a good progression not only for the USA but also other areas in the world.

Pertaining to culture, try not to be fooled. The ‘Look at mes’ and idiots want attention but we don’t have to give it to them. Sure, it’s difficult sometimes to drown out the noise of someone so desperate to be noticed, but it’s sort of crucial not to get mesmerised by dumbed-down media because after all isn’t it better to live in a society where intelligence, talent and innovation are appreciated and acknowledged over sexualistion, buffoonery, and dangerous idiots pretending to be your friend.



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