Membership in the EU: How come…?

How come British teenagers have to pay huge amounts to attend university in England, getting themselves into enormous debt before they have have even started working? They are already under the thumb of ‘The Man’ at a time in their lives when they should be enjoying themselves without too much responsibility. They have stress and pressure that they really shouldn’t have.

How come in a single speech the Prime Minister will say we don’t have enough money for such and such, and then in the very same speech will go on to say ‘We are spending 3 million on…’ – something that he sees as valuable?

How come there are pensioners dying in winter because they cannot afford their heating bills?

How come there are poverty-stricken British citizens having to find food in food banks because they cannot afford to pay for food – a basic human right?

How come there are so many homeless on the streets, suffering and dying, without food, shelter, or adequate clothing and without enough help to find them jobs and housing and aid in the form of consistent human interaction and comfort?

How come all these elements of British society continue to occur when the UK pays £35 million per day simply to be a member of the EU? The numbers don’t add up. Considering that the UK pays more than double what it receives from membership in the EU, and other poorer countries are receiving more than double that they are paying in, how can the Prime Minister and other politicians, who aren’t really affected either way, continue to scaremonger in order to continue paying double and receiving half, especially since all the factors mentioned above are still occurring? And who is actually benefiting from the huge daily payments and what is that money being spent on?

They are trying to scare most British citizens into voting to remain in the EU. Those with any sense, and any mathematics skills, can see that there are enough problems in England to sort out with that £35 million per day.

In addition, the scaremongering isn’t really based on fact, considering that there are other countries in Europe, that are not in the EU, such as Norway, that continue to trade with the EU, and are in fact an extremely prosperous nation.

The question is whether you will listen to the scaremongering or make up your own mind and actively seek out the truth, rather than the propaganda from either racist political parties who inflate the numbers or scared political parties who hide the facts.




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