Why I’m glad that we will be Brexiting: racism from Eastern Europeans

As if it wasn’t hurtful enough to go through a young life in the 1980s receiving racism from not only strangers but so-called friends, the recent influx of Eastern Europeans brought with it not only their workforce but also a similar strain of ignorant racism to that of 1980s England. It took quite a few years for racism in the UK to be treated as a hate crime. Of course there is still a fair amount of simmering racism under many an English grimace, but the overt racism is mostly limited to skinheads and UKIP leaders.

Visible racism, usually in the form of mistreatment when dining or snide looks, was becoming more and more frequent from the Eastern European migrants. Sure the news reported on when Polish immigrants were the victims of racism, and that is wrong too, but it’s funny how the racism from Eastern Europeans towards British Afro-Caribbeans and Asians is never reported, but then again we are not white.

Let’s not forget that many Eastern European countries have a large amount of National Front and neo-Nazis. Those of us who are Afro-Caribbean and Asian, who were either born in the UK or hold British passports due to being resident in the UK for many years, were being treated by many Eastern Europeans as if we were the foreigners. Now do you think that is fair? We have lived and worked and contributed to both the economy and culture for many decades now. We deserve to be here and to hold our heads up, not be treated as if we are foreigners in our own country.

In a way one has to laugh, I suppose in order not to cry, but we go on patiently getting over racist mistreatment, forgiving, and carrying on. I think that it’s time to recognise and congratulate the strength of many Afro-Caribbeans and Asians in dealing with not only mistreatment from the ignorant and racist English in the 1980s but also the similar type of racism from ignorant Eastern Europeans.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many Eastern Europeans who are genuinely hardworking folk, not racist in any way, also contributing to British society, but let’s just say I am glad that the chilly looks and mistreatment should be now kept to a minimum thanks to the decision to Leave. Let’s get a move on though. We need to see the pound much stronger than it is now.


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