Unethical and biased news reporting leading to too much ignorance in British society

As Remain voters are still attributing being anti-EU with being anti-European, those of us with an ounce of intelligence continue to feel frustrated at the level of ignorance in British society. Those same Remain voters would see the UK give away billions of pounds a year in order to improve the financial status of the poorer EU countries such as Poland (just do a bit of internet research and you will see the facts and figures). So as they continue to behave as if they are somehow morally superior because they have ‘European friends’ and are thus ‘friends with Europe’ (it’s the same, right?), they continue to spread their ignorance amongst, most importantly, young British civilians, who already have biased news reporting to contend with.

I suppose they also think that Leave voters don’t have any European friends and that Leave voters don’t like to have ease of travel and work within Europe, but hey, those of us who actually care about the country, who have enough intelligence to see the difference between being anti-EU (as the the EU is a dictatorship) and being anti-European, who believe that there are the poor and homeless in this country that need help first, have to keep listening to their ignorance. It’s just as bad as racist Leave voters, who used the referendum to racially abuse Eastern Europeans. Ignorance is ignorance no matter where it comes from, and it spreads and distorts the truth so that those youth of the future will look into history and see a whole lot of untruths from ignorance, and a hefty amount of idiocy. But then again it is the idiots that are reproducing at a significant rate, so something that is more likely is that most of them will probably read the distorted news reports (such as the recent ones about the ‘revolutionary leader’ Fidel Castro), switch the computer off, and then watch the Real Housewives of Cheshire.


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