Have we reached the peak of human intelligence?

As television programmes and the media promote idiocy, vanity, attention-seeking, ego, materialism, and being famous just for the sake of it and not for any talent, one might ask the question, ‘Have humans already reached the peak of their intelligence?’.

There are intelligent human beings of course, but intelligence itself appears to be much less valued in today’s Western societies. The less intelligent are pro-creating more and with larger amounts. The intelligent are pro-creating less and with smaller amounts. So what does this shift towards stupidity actually mean for society?

Those who are intelligent are finding it more and more difficult to meet like-minded individuals. Many who make efforts to add to culture in a positive and life-affirming way are being overlooked because those in power are not the most intelligent or the most talented. They are the ones that can talk the talk and promote themselves, often lying in their CVs. They are the ones that can use the ‘correct’ catchphrases or words that will show up in the computer programme that picks them for the job. They then hire individuals who are like them. That’s why there is so much incompetence in many businesses, and why when you try to get a problem fixed, the idiot that you end up corresponding with doesn’t have a clue what they are doing, and it causes you valuable time, effort, and unnecessary frustration just to fix a problem that said company should find easy to fix, given that it is their company that have provided the product!

In the past, those who were the most intelligent, inventive, creative, and brilliant were the ones valued in society. So much invention and technological improvement and advancement occurred as brilliance and talent were given a platform and help to succeed and develop. Now, those with the most talent or even intelligence are not given their rightful chances, because the wrong individuals are in power. They then hire similar big-mouths and the cycle continues. What they don’t realise is that they are engendering a society which will in the end be ignored or be seen as embarrassing by future generations.

Unless we have already reached the peak of human intelligence…Is devolution actually taking place? Are many of us on the other side of the mountain, slowing sliding towards a society that values only pretension and money? When you see small shops and artisanal stores closing in favour of more corporate organisations, pawn shops, and gambling establishments, one cannot help but remember films that already predicted that society was heading this way. At the time, you may have thought that it was all fantasy cooked up by a conspiracy-theorist screenwriter, but you only have to wander through your own town to see that these predictions are coming true. Do you want to live in a society ruled by the stupid, the vain, the greedy, and the liars? I certainly don’t. You can already see the difference in society just when you try and go out for a shopping trip. There are first the road rage idiots that you have to deal with, who let’s face it don’t have two brain cells to rub together, and are that cowardly that they need a large vehicle to hide behind in order to shout profanities at you, even when they are the ones in the wrong and you haven’t even done anything. I was beeped at recently for crossing at the correct area where there was an island and I waited until the green man. Oh yeah, just for crossing the road correctly I am now getting abuse from idiots who I want nothing to do with. I simply want to lead a peaceful life, and yet somehow these jealous idiots are trying to upset me, for no reason other than that they are truly miserable and scummy that they have nothing better to do than be rude to someone innocent.

And herein lies my frustration. Not only are the worst human beings getting most of the top jobs, be it because of white privilege or because they can promote themselves better than someone who is genuinely talented, but those of us just trying to live peaceful happy lives are having to deal with the bile coming from these repugnant human beings not just once in a while but nearly every few days, as they try and spread their misery and wretchedness.

Not to mention all the racism from Eastern Europeans. It was bad enough in the 1980s when those of colour had to put up with ignorant English hurling racist comments, again in a cowardly way, usually from their vehicles. Now there are the racist Eastern Europeans, who come from countries with a large proportion of Neo-Nazis and bigots, and again those of colour are being mistreated. Those who voted Remain didn’t seem to care about the British Asians and Afro-Caribbeans who have to put up with icy stares and treatment from Eastern Europeans who are much like the ignorant racist English from the 1980s. The UK had gone past that. Sure there is still a large amount of underlying racism from the white English, who by the way are immigrants themselves (maybe read a book every once in a while), but it was largely well-hidden, and you didn’t have to deal with it too much before the large influx of Eastern Europeans. What is with white hatred of a colour anyway? Honestly, it’s so pathetic it’s unbelievable. And let’s face it, it must be based in jealousy, because most of them are in the tanning salon trying to become brown. Hey, it’s not my fault that you don’t like your own skin colour. Get over it.

So the question really becomes, as most human beings are devolving into mindless drones who want to watch Z-list ‘celebrities’ get their boobs out, then where are the intelligent and genuinely talented meant to go in order to find solace? I guess it’s a game of seeking out like-minded individuals on Meetup or some such organisation, and thank goodness for them, because otherwise the world would be a lonely place which anyone with an ounce of intelligence and decency couldn’t really relate to. Society has to change though. It has to be the most intelligent, talented, inventive, and innovative that are once again valued and respected, and I intend to do my bit to ensure that this happens.


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