My own fashion collection at VIDA!


I now have my own fashion collection at VIDA!

Products include clothing such as Modern Tees and homeware such as Accent Pillows, which contain artwork from a ‘Works on Paper’ exhibition at The Brick Lane Gallery.

The artwork is from drawings entitled ‘Acceptable Clones’ which contains images of Justin Timberlake, and ‘African American Dancer’ which features ballet dancer Samantha Figgins, so would also be an ideal gift for any fans.

Prices start from $40 and go up to $200.

This is the first bit of my collection, as I will be adding more later. I am also open to suggestions for pieces, depending on what someone might like placed on clothing or homeware, so be sure to check on the website often and make any suggestions via email at

There are some reduction codes offered on the website such as 30% off, so be sure to look out for those.

Happy shopping for clothing and homeware with original artwork designs!

Laksala x



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