Liberalism, ‘false’ liberalism, and the Remain voters who cannot understand the difference between being multicultural and having no control over EU immigration

As time goes on, and the wait for Brexit continues, those Remain voters who cannot bring themselves to admit that they were wrong continue to misinterpret information whilst pretending to be liberal. They continue to associate voting Remain with being ‘multicultural’ and do not seem to understand vital factors that negate their false liberalism. Firstly, there were many Leave voters who are not racist in any way, shape, or form, and simply wanted the UK to regain control over its immigration laws. To clarify, there were many Leave voters who do not mind immigration from the European Union, so long as it is properly managed. So what is not multicultural about that? Secondly, leaving the EU does not mean that there will be no immigration from EU countries. They seem to be feigning some kind of immigration halt, which simply won’t happen. It’s beyond ridiculous. They pretend to be intellectual liberals, but are so ignorant that they are just as bad as the racists who voted Leave for the wrong reasons. Thirdly, although the news media tried to portray Nigel Farage as the spokesman for the Leave camp, he certainly was not. There were many Leave voters who voted to leave the European Union because they are genuine ‘liberals’. They cannot bare to see the poor in the UK suffering whilst a government led by the irresponsible, wasteful, and disregardful middle and upper class, who are not affected in the least by most of the decisions they make, squander money on not only EU membership but also on other fees associated with being a member of the EU.

There are those going to food banks, teenage students needing loans to go to university, elderly dying in winter because they cannot afford their heating bills, not to mention many homeless individuals that with the right amount of funding could begin to find jobs and accommodation and start their lives again as they rightfully deserve.

False liberals have bleeding hearts for Eastern European migrants, but do they feel the same way about the poor in the UK? I doubt it. I’m sure they walk past the homeless guy outside the station without even acknowledging him, and yet in order to keep up their pretence that they are oh so liberal and caring towards others, without being able to make up their own minds, they blindly follow what they think will portray them as being ‘liberal’ and ‘multicultural’. These types of individuals are dangerous to say the least, because on the outside they seem to care, they seem like they are not racist, they seem to want the right things, but at what cost, at the cost of others who are in need, at the cost of those that are genuinely anti-racist and who want multicultural Britain to improve its services for those who currently live here, of those who like a certain ¬†amount of immigration because it adds to multicultural Britain but understand that lack of control is not wise for the country, and of those who in truth want to help Britain be prosperous and successful because it is one of the most liberal and multicultural countries in the world.

Ignorance is terrible, wherever it comes from, whether it comes from the racist on the street, or whether it comes from a false liberal with no real conscience.


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