Liberalism, ‘false’ liberalism, and the Remain voters who cannot understand the difference between being multicultural and having no control over EU immigration

As time goes on, and the wait for Brexit continues, those Remain voters who cannot bring themselves to admit that they were wrong continue to misinterpret information whilst pretending to be liberal. They continue to associate voting Remain with being ‘multicultural’ and do not seem to understand vital factors that negate their false liberalism. Firstly, there were many Leave voters who are not racist in any way, shape, or form, and simply wanted the UK to regain control over its immigration laws. To clarify, there were many Leave voters who do not mind immigration from the European Union, so long as it is properly managed. So what is not multicultural about that? Secondly, leaving the EU does not mean that there will be no immigration from EU countries. They seem to be feigning some kind of immigration halt, which simply won’t happen. It’s beyond ridiculous. They pretend to be intellectual liberals, but are so ignorant that they are just as bad as the racists who voted Leave for the wrong reasons. Thirdly, although the news media tried to portray Nigel Farage as the spokesman for the Leave camp, he certainly was not. There were many Leave voters who voted to leave the European Union because they are genuine ‘liberals’. They cannot bare to see the poor in the UK suffering whilst a government led by the irresponsible, wasteful, and disregardful middle and upper class, who are not affected in the least by most of the decisions they make, squander money on not only EU membership but also on other fees associated with being a member of the EU.

There are those going to food banks, teenage students needing loans to go to university, elderly dying in winter because they cannot afford their heating bills, not to mention many homeless individuals that with the right amount of funding could begin to find jobs and accommodation and start their lives again as they rightfully deserve.

False liberals have bleeding hearts for Eastern European migrants, but do they feel the same way about the poor in the UK? I doubt it. I’m sure they walk past the homeless guy outside the station without even acknowledging him, and yet in order to keep up their pretence that they are oh so liberal and caring towards others, without being able to make up their own minds, they blindly follow what they think will portray them as being ‘liberal’ and ‘multicultural’. These types of individuals are dangerous to say the least, because on the outside they seem to care, they seem like they are not racist, they seem to want the right things, but at what cost, at the cost of others who are in need, at the cost of those that are genuinely anti-racist and who want multicultural Britain to improve its services for those who currently live here, of those who like a certain  amount of immigration because it adds to multicultural Britain but understand that lack of control is not wise for the country, and of those who in truth want to help Britain be prosperous and successful because it is one of the most liberal and multicultural countries in the world.

Ignorance is terrible, wherever it comes from, whether it comes from the racist on the street, or whether it comes from a false liberal with no real conscience.


My own fashion collection at VIDA!


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Laksala x


Are the ‘right’ women calling themselves feminists?

Having spoken to various women about the subject, many of them in their twenties, there seems to be a general consensus that a lot of women feel that they are feminists, but do not associate themselves with the angry, man-hating women who call themselves feminists even though they may be using the definition incorrectly.

So who really is a ‘true’ feminist? Feminism itself is classed as ‘the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes’ according to Google. And most women feel that ‘feminists’ are those who ‘believe in gender equality’.

So why are many women not comfortable with claiming themselves to be feminists even if they do believe in gender equality? Apparently, when they think of feminism and feminists they think of angry, man-hating, bra-burning feminists who really have nothing at all in common with them. They do not feel that in order to be a feminist you have to be angry and against men, nor do you have to fit in with other stereotypes relating to feminists.

It is true that when you do a bit of research on the internet you do come across those who call themselves feminists but appear to be using the word in order to promote their own angry, man-hating agenda. I too feel that those women do not really represent ‘true’ feminists’ who can be many different female types and characters, and who want to ‘calmly’ promote gender equality.

This is not to say that women shouldn’t be angry or shouldn’t hate men if that is how they feel, but it is not an all-encompassing representation of feminists, many of whom like the decent, good men, who like to wear bras and make-up and shouldn’t have to justify this to anyone, who get frustrated and annoyed by gender inequalities but who do not ‘fight the fight’ so-to-speak through anger – those women are not real feminists in my opinion. I believe that they have some other agenda or some other bug-bear that they are using feminism to express, and this is not fair to the cause, especially since it puts off a lot of women, and especially young women.

But then hey, many causes have those who twist the ideals in order to promote some other agenda. I guess it is just a question of being able to see through those who are genuine and are genuine in their feminist beliefs, and those who pose as feminists when they should really air their anger via some other method.

Have we reached the peak of human intelligence?

As television programmes and the media promote idiocy, vanity, attention-seeking, ego, materialism, and being famous just for the sake of it and not for any talent, one might ask the question, ‘Have humans already reached the peak of their intelligence?’.

There are intelligent human beings of course, but intelligence itself appears to be much less valued in today’s Western societies. The less intelligent are pro-creating more and with larger amounts. The intelligent are pro-creating less and with smaller amounts. So what does this shift towards stupidity actually mean for society?

Those who are intelligent are finding it more and more difficult to meet like-minded individuals. Many who make efforts to add to culture in a positive and life-affirming way are being overlooked because those in power are not the most intelligent or the most talented. They are the ones that can talk the talk and promote themselves, often lying in their CVs. They are the ones that can use the ‘correct’ catchphrases or words that will show up in the computer programme that picks them for the job. They then hire individuals who are like them. That’s why there is so much incompetence in many businesses, and why when you try to get a problem fixed, the idiot that you end up corresponding with doesn’t have a clue what they are doing, and it causes you valuable time, effort, and unnecessary frustration just to fix a problem that said company should find easy to fix, given that it is their company that have provided the product!

In the past, those who were the most intelligent, inventive, creative, and brilliant were the ones valued in society. So much invention and technological improvement and advancement occurred as brilliance and talent were given a platform and help to succeed and develop. Now, those with the most talent or even intelligence are not given their rightful chances, because the wrong individuals are in power. They then hire similar big-mouths and the cycle continues. What they don’t realise is that they are engendering a society which will in the end be ignored or be seen as embarrassing by future generations.

Unless we have already reached the peak of human intelligence…Is devolution actually taking place? Are many of us on the other side of the mountain, slowing sliding towards a society that values only pretension and money? When you see small shops and artisanal stores closing in favour of more corporate organisations, pawn shops, and gambling establishments, one cannot help but remember films that already predicted that society was heading this way. At the time, you may have thought that it was all fantasy cooked up by a conspiracy-theorist screenwriter, but you only have to wander through your own town to see that these predictions are coming true. Do you want to live in a society ruled by the stupid, the vain, the greedy, and the liars? I certainly don’t. You can already see the difference in society just when you try and go out for a shopping trip. There are first the road rage idiots that you have to deal with, who let’s face it don’t have two brain cells to rub together, and are that cowardly that they need a large vehicle to hide behind in order to shout profanities at you, even when they are the ones in the wrong and you haven’t even done anything. I was beeped at recently for crossing at the correct area where there was an island and I waited until the green man. Oh yeah, just for crossing the road correctly I am now getting abuse from idiots who I want nothing to do with. I simply want to lead a peaceful life, and yet somehow these jealous idiots are trying to upset me, for no reason other than that they are truly miserable and scummy that they have nothing better to do than be rude to someone innocent.

And herein lies my frustration. Not only are the worst human beings getting most of the top jobs, be it because of white privilege or because they can promote themselves better than someone who is genuinely talented, but those of us just trying to live peaceful happy lives are having to deal with the bile coming from these repugnant human beings not just once in a while but nearly every few days, as they try and spread their misery and wretchedness.

Not to mention all the racism from Eastern Europeans. It was bad enough in the 1980s when those of colour had to put up with ignorant English hurling racist comments, again in a cowardly way, usually from their vehicles. Now there are the racist Eastern Europeans, who come from countries with a large proportion of Neo-Nazis and bigots, and again those of colour are being mistreated. Those who voted Remain didn’t seem to care about the British Asians and Afro-Caribbeans who have to put up with icy stares and treatment from Eastern Europeans who are much like the ignorant racist English from the 1980s. The UK had gone past that. Sure there is still a large amount of underlying racism from the white English, who by the way are immigrants themselves (maybe read a book every once in a while), but it was largely well-hidden, and you didn’t have to deal with it too much before the large influx of Eastern Europeans. What is with white hatred of a colour anyway? Honestly, it’s so pathetic it’s unbelievable. And let’s face it, it must be based in jealousy, because most of them are in the tanning salon trying to become brown. Hey, it’s not my fault that you don’t like your own skin colour. Get over it.

So the question really becomes, as most human beings are devolving into mindless drones who want to watch Z-list ‘celebrities’ get their boobs out, then where are the intelligent and genuinely talented meant to go in order to find solace? I guess it’s a game of seeking out like-minded individuals on Meetup or some such organisation, and thank goodness for them, because otherwise the world would be a lonely place which anyone with an ounce of intelligence and decency couldn’t really relate to. Society has to change though. It has to be the most intelligent, talented, inventive, and innovative that are once again valued and respected, and I intend to do my bit to ensure that this happens.

Unethical and biased news reporting leading to too much ignorance in British society

As Remain voters are still attributing being anti-EU with being anti-European, those of us with an ounce of intelligence continue to feel frustrated at the level of ignorance in British society. Those same Remain voters would see the UK give away billions of pounds a year in order to improve the financial status of the poorer EU countries such as Poland (just do a bit of internet research and you will see the facts and figures). So as they continue to behave as if they are somehow morally superior because they have ‘European friends’ and are thus ‘friends with Europe’ (it’s the same, right?), they continue to spread their ignorance amongst, most importantly, young British civilians, who already have biased news reporting to contend with.

I suppose they also think that Leave voters don’t have any European friends and that Leave voters don’t like to have ease of travel and work within Europe, but hey, those of us who actually care about the country, who have enough intelligence to see the difference between being anti-EU (as the the EU is a dictatorship) and being anti-European, who believe that there are the poor and homeless in this country that need help first, have to keep listening to their ignorance. It’s just as bad as racist Leave voters, who used the referendum to racially abuse Eastern Europeans. Ignorance is ignorance no matter where it comes from, and it spreads and distorts the truth so that those youth of the future will look into history and see a whole lot of untruths from ignorance, and a hefty amount of idiocy. But then again it is the idiots that are reproducing at a significant rate, so something that is more likely is that most of them will probably read the distorted news reports (such as the recent ones about the ‘revolutionary leader’ Fidel Castro), switch the computer off, and then watch the Real Housewives of Cheshire.

Keeping our daughters safe in an increasingly over-sexualised society

The lyrics to many pop songs in the 21st century are becoming extremely lewd. Since the 1960s, there have been a certain amount of sexualised lyrics, such as the lyrics to Peter Gabriel’s ‘Sledgehammer’ in 1986, but they were fairly subtle in those days and young children would not really understand the meaning. Cut to the 21st century, and young children are being exposed to not only overly sexual lyrics, but also raunchy videos that even most adults find uncomfortable viewing. Many pop songs of the 21st century are not only overly sexual, they also include lyrics that are disrespectful towards women, and often border on being predatory.

If young girls do not feel safe going to school, and have taken to wearing shorts under their skirts, then they are being failed by society. Do we not have a responsibility to keep our daughters safe, in a society where sleeping with someone is treated in such a blasé fashion? Young boys are growing up listening to sleazy lyrics where male pop stars talk about wanting women to ‘wiggle that butt’ or perform some sexual act on them. As an adult female, I find these lyrics offensive to women and disrespectful, but the pop industry is normalising such behaviour because there doesn’t seem to be adequate censorship.

It is a difficult question that relates to who is responsible and who needs to take responsibility. Artistic licence is all well and good but when overly-sexualised lyrics and videos impact on society, shouldn’t someone take a closer look at both factors and decide whether it is appropriate. Television and music are such important facets within culture that they should be monitored more closely in order that those wanting to express their own indecency aren’t given a platform. I personally don’t want to know the ins and outs of some filthy guy’s mind, and a lot of pop song lyrics performed by men are quite frankly disgusting. Why should those wanting to live decent happy lives have to listen to some guy’s sexual notions and preferences? It’s just not right. Keep that stuff private.

There’s a difference between being free to express yourself, including ideas about sexuality, if done in a decent way, but lyrics that are predatory towards women, or make young girls feel unsafe at school, really need to be questioned.

Young girls should be able to go to school, and do whatever else they want to do feeling safe. The musicians themselves are also responsible, and obviously many of them do it in order to be outrageous or gain fans from being rude, but it’s a bit pathetic if you ask me, and kind of distracts from those who actually have real musical talent.

Until these pop musicians are motivated by ethics and talent rather than money then I suppose not much will change, but they do have a responsibility to keep young children, and especially young girls, safe in an ever-increasingly sexualised society.