Boycotting male directors, producers, and agents who tell female actresses that they are too heavy or too large

I cannot believe that in this day and age there are still male producers and directors out there who ask female actresses to lose weight or simply write them off because they think they are too large. It’s beyond ludicrous, and is almost certainly a matter of control. In a world where men are now using feminism as an excuse to be lazy, pitifully claiming that they don’t know where they stand or how they should act anymore (because gender equality is so baffling, right?), the film industry is a murky place where misogynists, overt or otherwise, can use their powerful status as producer or director to whittle away at attractive and healthy female actresses, until they are so skinny it literally looks like there is nothing of them. The side view is so skeletal that viewers feel concern for the actress rather than being able to concentrate on the storyline.

Even successful actresses fall into the trap of the snide comment about weight (or let’s face it age) as well. And these women-hating men, upstarts from 5000 years of patriarchy, originating from men figuring out that they are involved in reproduction (I mean , please), get away with putting down some of the most already-gorgeous women in the world. Now where’s the sense in that, and I’m sure some of them haven’t looked in the mirror either, but then they are men aren’t they? They receive very little judgement about their looks, and are able to play young boyfriends when they are 85.

It seems like some form of boycotting is needed. Not just because they shouldn’t be controlling what women eat, wear, and look like, but because the film industry is such a major area of culture and society, that their control trickles down into other societal domains such as magazines, television, and the internet. At least these days, most intelligent young girls are aware that models are not like most regular women, but the film industry rolls out movie after movie that contains stick-thin actresses that don’t look particularly happy, and often seem contrived because they have been made to be obsessed with their looks and not the content of the script. Most movie-goers can see through it, so what’s the point? Wouldn’t it make more sense to just have regular-shaped women who are wonderful actresses, probably just as they had been before they were depreciated by some patriarchal bully who gets his kicks out of controlling what women eat and look like? Twisted, if you ask me. It’s a bit like when someone puts on an accent – they lose most of the authenticity of the character because they are concentrating so hard on getting the acting right – very tiresome, but that’s a whole other weird distortion in modern cinema.

Anyway, many young women aspire to be like or look like their favourite actresses, so without wanting to say that they have a responsibility to stand up to these male patriarchs, the male patriarchs have a responsibility not to mistreat impressionable young actresses. At least there more  and more female led production companies or feminist production companies that are paving a way for women-loving women to help women in the industry rather than denigrate them.

Unless required for a character that is meant to look angular and bony, I believe that weight and shape should never come into discussion. I understand that because female actresses want or need the work they cannot always turn down work, but it is affecting young women directly or indirectly, as they look up to successful actresses. If a woman wants to lose weight or chooses to have a slimmer, even skinny, figure that is up to them, but the control of male directors and producers who in turn control many agents has to stop. No one should tell someone else that they are too large or too heavy, especially when it doesn’t really make a difference to their acting, and in fact most women would like to see more curvy-shaped women on screen.


Why I’m glad that we will be Brexiting: racism from Eastern Europeans

As if it wasn’t hurtful enough to go through a young life in the 1980s receiving racism from not only strangers but so-called friends, the recent influx of Eastern Europeans brought with it not only their workforce but also a similar strain of ignorant racism to that of 1980s England. It took quite a few years for racism in the UK to be treated as a hate crime. Of course there is still a fair amount of simmering racism under many an English grimace, but the overt racism is mostly limited to skinheads and UKIP leaders.

Visible racism, usually in the form of mistreatment when dining or snide looks, was becoming more and more frequent from the Eastern European migrants. Sure the news reported on when Polish immigrants were the victims of racism, and that is wrong too, but it’s funny how the racism from Eastern Europeans towards British Afro-Caribbeans and Asians is never reported, but then again we are not white.

Let’s not forget that many Eastern European countries have a large amount of National Front and neo-Nazis. Those of us who are Afro-Caribbean and Asian, who were either born in the UK or hold British passports due to being resident in the UK for many years, were being treated by many Eastern Europeans as if we were the foreigners. Now do you think that is fair? We have lived and worked and contributed to both the economy and culture for many decades now. We deserve to be here and to hold our heads up, not be treated as if we are foreigners in our own country.

In a way one has to laugh, I suppose in order not to cry, but we go on patiently getting over racist mistreatment, forgiving, and carrying on. I think that it’s time to recognise and congratulate the strength of many Afro-Caribbeans and Asians in dealing with not only mistreatment from the ignorant and racist English in the 1980s but also the similar type of racism from ignorant Eastern Europeans.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many Eastern Europeans who are genuinely hardworking folk, not racist in any way, also contributing to British society, but let’s just say I am glad that the chilly looks and mistreatment should be now kept to a minimum thanks to the decision to Leave. Let’s get a move on though. We need to see the pound much stronger than it is now.

EU Referendum – Using your vote wisely

EU Referendum – using your vote wisely

By Laksala Mendis

There are obviously pros and cons related to being a member of the EU or not. It is quite difficult to find the facts, when trying to decide which way to vote. Certainly there are many reasons to leave the EU and some of these are as follows:

  • We would save around 8 billion per year on merely the membership fee, which is money that could be used elsewhere. How can we justify giving away such a huge amount when teenagers and young adults have to pay to go to university, getting into debt and being placed under unnecessary pressure when they should be enjoying themselves? How can we justify giving away over 8 billion per year when there are those attending food banks in the UK because they don’t have enough money for food? There are enough problems in the UK that need addressing before handing over 8 billion per year and that is just the membership fee. There are other costs associated with being a member of the EU, adding up to more billions of pounds that could be well spent in the UK itself.


  • We receive around half of what we put in, so we are basically just giving money away, and these aren’t small amounts. Other wealthier EU countries also receive less than they put in, such as and France. Poorer EU countries, such as Poland, are receiving more than three quarters of what they put in, and they put in a lot less as well. The UK, and other wealthier EU countries, are basically providing financial aid to the poorer EU countries, when they have their own societal shortcomings that need financial aid. It makes no sense at all.


  • We are losing control over important factors such as the laws of this country. EU laws are superseding UK laws, and the unelected (and therefore undemocratic) Commission are making decisions about policies that affect the UK


  • By 2020 the EU wants the UK to have the Euro. This will not only affect the UK detrimentally financially, it is again another factor where we are being bullied into doing something by the EU.


  • David Cameron, and other scaremongers are trying to convince you to vote ‘Remain’ and here are a few reasons why I think you shouldn’t –


  1. According to Cameron, we would lose billions (funny seeing as he’s giving away billions to be a member of the EU), but do you really believe that European companies that make billions of pounds from trade with the UK are suddenly going to not trade with us. I don’t think that Aldi and Lidl are suddenly going to say ‘See you later. We are closing all our shops now’? No, it’s not going to happen. I doubt that trade will be affected at all, because the UK brings billions of pounds to EU companies so why would they suddenly stop trading with us.

2. Having overpopulated cities doesn’t affect wealthy politicians such as David Cameron. What does he know about overcrowding in the cities. Does he travel by tube, because believe me I have seen how an already overcrowded tube system is now becoming more and more overcrowded and there is a lot of tension on the underground. David Cameron not understanding the needs of regular working British citizens is a cause for concern in itself, but then elections come and go in a similar way to the EU referendum, in that there is a lot of propaganda and mud-slinging and not much fact-based reporting or information provided. This is how Cameron gets away with things. He already got away with the whole Panama affair by slyly saying that that is OK behaviour in a capitalist society, and no one questioned him after that.

3.He is scaremongering by saying that if you vote ‘Leave’ then you are in Nigel Farage’s camp. This infuriated me, because I am certainly not in Farage’s camp. In addition, the media mostly give airtime to Farage or elderly Brits who want to leave often for racist or patriotic reasons, and these are not really the pressing reasons to vote ‘Leave’. The real reasons why you should vote leave are logistics and sums. Having open borders doesn’t really benefit the UK because if we ‘Leave’ we will just have to get visas – it’s not that complicated or much of big deal, and we might not even have to do that. The other side of the coin regarding free movement within the EU for EU members is the open borders whereby huge numbers of EU citizens can just enter the UK, often without work. This places a huge amount of pressure on services, and overpopulates already overcrowded cities. It just doesn’t make sense to allow so much immigration into the UK, but under EU law, anyone within the EU can work and travel to countries within the EU, so again this is the EU taking control away from the UK regarding immigration.

4.Poorer countries join the EU because they are in financial difficulty. There are more countries planning to join the EU. That 8 billion which the UK put in will help the poorer countries financially. This also infuriates me. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be charitable, but when pensioners are dying because they cannot afford their heating bill, or there are homeless on the streets, how can Cameron justify giving away huge amounts of money only to receive half? Again it doesn’t make sense. Giving away money that isn’t his is really no problem for Cameron because again it doesn’t really affect him. Electing someone else as Prime Minister, someone who actually cares and can empathise more importantly is an important decision we will have to make in the future, but firstly we are lucky enough to have a say in the EU Referendum, regardless of how it first came about.


  • Trade really wouldn’t be affected as huge EU companies are not suddenly going to withdraw their business, since they receive billions from UK customers. We would simply have to draw up a new trade agreement with the EU, and this could actually create jobs. Most importantly we would have control over decision-making and that is paramount, because who knows where the EU’s control over policies and laws would end. We wouldn’t have a say over important details about the country in which we live.


  • There are other countries in Europe that are not in the EU that trade successfully with the EU, such as Norway, so again all the scaremongering saying that trading with the EU would be direly affected is just clouds to blur your vision when it comes to voting about EU membership. If you look at the facts and figures these tell you exactly what we put in and what we receive, and you may well feel as annoyed as I did to find out that the UK is literally giving away billions of pounds, as well as its sovereignty. Ask yourself who is really benefitting from the UK’s membership within the EU. Ask yourself what the UK could do with all the saved billions per year. Try and see what the future may look like with overpopulated cities, less control over laws, and the Euro being used in the UK in 2020 (considering the pound is currently stronger than the Euro).


  • It isn’t racist to vote ‘Leave’. Just because you vote ‘Leave’ does not make you concurrent with Nigel Farage, UKIP, or any other racist organisation that is using propaganda to try and persuade the ignorant and the racist to leave the EU. There are others, like Boris Johnson, who are urging you to vote ‘Leave’ in order to save this country from a downfall which I can truly see happening. Johnson is promoting the phrase ‘Prevention is better than cure’ without using any propaganda or racist reasons, and it is important to listen to someone who talks sense because I’m not sure it would be something you could cure after the event. We can always vote for a different Prime Minister, but if we vote ‘Remain’ I doubt that there will be another referendum about EU membership.


  • There are those trying to fool you into voting ‘Remain’ by scaring you. Do not let fear be the reason why you didn’t vote ‘Leave’. Be brave at a time when you need to be brave. Voting ‘Leave’ doesn’t mean that you don’t like Europeans, or you don’t want to travel easily within Europe, or you’re on the side of Farage and the racists. No, it’s not true. Use your vote to decide what YOU think about EU membership. Read unbiased articles that provide facts and not propaganda to help you decide. There are those that will vote ‘Remain’ simply because they don’t want anything to change, but things will change if you vote ‘Remain’ and the UK government will have less and less say over things as the EU takes control of decision-making.


  • Controlled numbers of immigration are good not only for British culture, but also for the economy. Unlimited numbers from the EU is not good for the UK, which is essentially a small island, especially since no job is required to enter. This only causes a strain on resources and public services. You cannot blame those from poor countries wanting to enter and live in the UK, but you also have to consider how it benefits or affects the UK if immigration is not properly controlled. It can only be controlled effectively if we exit the EU, and thus pressure on resources and public services will be alleviated.

Membership in the EU: How come…?

How come British teenagers have to pay huge amounts to attend university in England, getting themselves into enormous debt before they have have even started working? They are already under the thumb of ‘The Man’ at a time in their lives when they should be enjoying themselves without too much responsibility. They have stress and pressure that they really shouldn’t have.

How come in a single speech the Prime Minister will say we don’t have enough money for such and such, and then in the very same speech will go on to say ‘We are spending 3 million on…’ – something that he sees as valuable?

How come there are pensioners dying in winter because they cannot afford their heating bills?

How come there are poverty-stricken British citizens having to find food in food banks because they cannot afford to pay for food – a basic human right?

How come there are so many homeless on the streets, suffering and dying, without food, shelter, or adequate clothing and without enough help to find them jobs and housing and aid in the form of consistent human interaction and comfort?

How come all these elements of British society continue to occur when the UK pays £35 million per day simply to be a member of the EU? The numbers don’t add up. Considering that the UK pays more than double what it receives from membership in the EU, and other poorer countries are receiving more than double that they are paying in, how can the Prime Minister and other politicians, who aren’t really affected either way, continue to scaremonger in order to continue paying double and receiving half, especially since all the factors mentioned above are still occurring? And who is actually benefiting from the huge daily payments and what is that money being spent on?

They are trying to scare most British citizens into voting to remain in the EU. Those with any sense, and any mathematics skills, can see that there are enough problems in England to sort out with that £35 million per day.

In addition, the scaremongering isn’t really based on fact, considering that there are other countries in Europe, that are not in the EU, such as Norway, that continue to trade with the EU, and are in fact an extremely prosperous nation.

The question is whether you will listen to the scaremongering or make up your own mind and actively seek out the truth, rather than the propaganda from either racist political parties who inflate the numbers or scared political parties who hide the facts.



Talent and intelligence should win over attention-seeking and idiocy

In the age of ‘Look at me’ and idiocy, the internet, social media, and television have given voice to those who in the past, before the age of technology, would not have had a platform for their acts of stupidity. This goes for not only those in suburban gutters but also for those who are at the very forefront of news and celebrity lifestyle.

In an age where a racist, sexist, bigoted liar can even be considered as a presidential candidate in the USA, a country that has fought for years against out-moded beliefs and prejudices, the battle against Hitler and the Nazis suddenly doesn’t seem so far in history anymore.

There are of course those trying to do good in the world, but are they really being listened to enough. The ‘Look at mes’ and the idiots appear to be distracting most regular individuals from proper cultural achievements and often from what is right.

The elections come and go. News reports concentrate on the current affairs and stories that sometimes avoid the real problems facing society, and much of it is repetitive and misery-causing. Eventualities that could have been prevented months or even years in advance are allowed to take place, and then the masses complain after the event. Those in power, at least in the UK, don’t have any realistic idea about what is truly occurring in the over-populated cramped cities, and I doubt they really care, as it doesn’t affect them hugely.

So who can we turn to, when these unfair pursuits and schemes carry on in the world that we live in. In the UK, it is important to broaden who is getting voted for, and it is wholly necessary to look into what some of the other parties stand for. Now, even amongst the other parties, there are those who will try and use the mistakes of current and former governments to mislead you into a false sense of security, but they are much much worse in truth.

In the USA, this is also how someone so ignorant is getting any airtime at all. When something isn’t working the ‘Look at mes’ and idiots try to cheat their way into power by supposedly underling the flaws of others. It is also interesting how an ‘extremist’ in the true sense of the word seems to be relating to so many Americans , most of whom are as racist as he, and how he ‘terrorizes’ those who disagree with him by asserting that if he came to be President he would deport them. So it really is a significant time with regards to politics, as it seems that many Americans would see the USA returning to a place of racism and unfounded prejudice. It cannot be allowed to happen. It simply cannot. There has already been one Hitler, and that was not that long ago. For those who gave their lives fighting for a free world and human rights, it is so crucial that the following President of the USA moves towards an even more liberal society, as this is a good progression not only for the USA but also other areas in the world.

Pertaining to culture, try not to be fooled. The ‘Look at mes’ and idiots want attention but we don’t have to give it to them. Sure, it’s difficult sometimes to drown out the noise of someone so desperate to be noticed, but it’s sort of crucial not to get mesmerised by dumbed-down media because after all isn’t it better to live in a society where intelligence, talent and innovation are appreciated and acknowledged over sexualistion, buffoonery, and dangerous idiots pretending to be your friend.


Isn’t it time to celebrate Afro-Caribbeans and Asians in the UK and USA?

I grew up in the 1980s in the UK. I am  British Asian so it wasn’t the easiest of childhoods. Don’t get me wrong, there were loads of good times and I had a lot of friends at primary school, but many of these same ‘friends’ used to call me Paki, or black Paki, or even the N word. We laugh at these things now, because firstly these were supposed to be my friends so it is kind of amusing that it was my own friends calling me these things, but also because I don’t know, as an Asian, I guess you kind of have to. It’s how you don’t let it get to you. I had to grow up quickly not because of these names but more because girls would be mean and leave me out, but that’s another story.

I also remember my mum having to defend herself and us when ignorant racists called out offensive remarks from their vehicles – yes, you know, the cowards who aren’t even brave enough to say it to your face – and we were only little girls and my mum, a young woman having to face this type of prejudice in front of her young children. They weren’t only women either, white men would often make racist comments, and my mum, brave lady that she is, would never let them get away with it.

As an adult female, I also stand up for myself. It isn’t so necessary in the 21st century, as racism is swept under the carpet, or simmering under the surface rather than very overt. You get the odd idiot here and there, but then, you get the odd idiot in lots of Western societies. What I have noticed, as have others of similar age, is that the new influx of Eastern Europeans has brought with it a renewed air of racist contempt, which is actually much more annoying than racism from the white English, considering we have been here much longer, and in fact, most of us were born here! But there you go. I wonder whether ignorant racists actually think about how stupid racism really is, considering most individuals are immigrants – white Americans are mostly immigrants from the UK or Ireland or other areas of Europe, and white English are mostly from Norway or other Nordic countries or again of Celtic origin, and most of these will be mixed race anyway. No one is of ‘pure blood’. This is simply a myth. So how stupid is racism, and how hypocritical is racism considering no one is ‘pure blood’?

In addition, I think that it is about time that the Afro-Caribbean and Asian immigrants of the 1970s influx and after, should be celebrated, thanked, appreciated, and championed. Do the racist white English really want the doctors, nurses, engineers, accountants, actors, athletes, musicians, cooks, and those from other well-loved professions to return to their own countries? Shall we take our stolen wealth with us as well, and stop the white English or Americans from trading with us. I’m sorry, but if we all did that we’d be calling England and America ‘third-world’ countries whilst we sip drinks from the gilded jeweled goblets that were stolen from us whilst wearing our various crowns and necklaces that will weigh us down from all the money held within them.

I’m sick and tired of getting snide looks from Eastern Europeans or ignorant racist English, who still blame us for there being ‘too many immigrants’ even though most of us came in the 1970s(!), and were a small proportion of the population by contrast to the massive influx of Eastern Europeans that is continuous and irresponsible of the Prime Minister because of the fact that the UK is a tiny island with limited resources, and for that reason only, but then I think that he never heard the term ‘prevention is better than cure’ but there you go. I guess it doesn’t really affect him or others in his party, and that’s why he continues to make ludicrous decisions about a country he seems to have little regard for. The current issue isn’t really about whether the UK should remain in the European union. It’s a question of simply being more sensible about immigration numbers – and that’s it. But then at least thankfully we have some other political parties who try to be heard but are quashed somehow by the machine of UK politics and the media that delivers information to the masses. I’m looking forward to seeing what the Women’s Equality Party will be providing. It seems there is a shift in politics – it just seems to be taking too long, and the reason for this is media promotion to the citizens, but here I am digressing slightly.

What I would say to finish this article, is that Afro-Caribbeans and Asians should hold their heads up and be proud of what they have added to UK culture, economy, and society, and the same should be said for those in America, of course including African-Americans, even if the majority of white English or white American (immigrants!) cannot see this!